Mermaid in the wild – Kitty Hawk, NC ~~~~~ photo credit Donna Knudson, Wyoming


2018 – This year was especially fun starting out with a road trip to the east coast with my hubby, my sister and her guy. She caught this image along the Outer Banks and we are all quite sure it is definitely a mermaid! Nice catch of the day Sis!

Home Insurance for Those Living ‘Off The Grid’

It can be daunting when establishing one’s home away from the typical services associated with city life. You become viewed as a greater risk to insurance companies as well as other entities such as rural fire departments and police protective services. And in reality you probably are a greater risk. However that is why it’s most important to be sure you are well informed of the environment you are now becoming cohesive with and do your homework before you make the move. One example is homeowners insurance. Can you afford the risk of losing it all? Do you need the reassurance that if things go terribly wrong that you can afford to pick up and do it all again without the aid of insurance? You must consider that a home that does not carry home owners insurance also may be turned down in the future by insurers due that fact alone, should you decide in the future to add the insurance. Another issue is when you decide to sell your home and the banks won’t loan on a home that cannot be insured due to lack of past insurance history. So be sure that you are in the know about how insurance and lack of insurance can affect the value and other aspects of your home.

Insurance for off-the-grid – Here is an article about considerations and complications of insuring a home that is off the grid.