Real Estate West

10/12/2012 – It’s official, I’ve changed Realty offices and now work with Broker/Owner Jim Steuding at Real Estate West! Jim is a wealth of information on our historical neighborhood at the foot of Mount Ascension.  He has lived and worked from his office up on State Street in Helena’s South Central for many years. His expertise also extends to the rest of Helena, and realistically… the rest of the world.  He has traveled extensively throughout South America and other countries. He is known to escape the U.S. riding his trusty BMW motorcycle and taking gorgeous photographic images of impressive landscapes in Argentina, Turkey and many points in between.  Watch for additional bits from my new adventures with Jim and fellow-Realtor Joe Duncan. We hope you’ll stay tuned to the not so far out “West”…Real Estate West!  To contact Real Estate West: 406-442-6235 or email: