Wolf Creek, MT – Local High Schooler needs your support: Merle Infanger

Please take a moment to visit this young man’s Go Fund Me site and leave a little something to boost his endeavor. Merle is an asset to the community and his family has poured their hearts and souls into the betterment of the Wolf Creek and Craig areas. He will put your contributions to good use!  Follow link to Go Fund Me to learn about Merle’s project:  Merle Infanger BPA Nationals Trip



Wild Side of Helena

One of the perks of living in Helena is our wildlife population feels right at home amongst the landscape of our properties. Some view it as intrusive as these little nibblers tend to mow down a few prize posies. We nurture our gardens to bloom and then find them topless after a mid-day snack by the local deer or bunnies. But with tolerance and appreciation of others, we soon realize how special it is to boast a few 3D lawn ornaments such as these. The fawns were enjoying the cool spray of the sprinkler on a 90 degree afternoon.

Wild Side of Helena

Spring Meadow Lake

What a great find out at Spring Meadow Lake, a pile of mushrooms that seemed to have no intent to stop piling up on each other. It certainly makes one look twice!  Can anyone identify the variety of these mushrooms?  My first thought was “cow pie shroom” but not likely true.

3/25/2014 – Don’t forget to check out the annual HBIA Builders Home Show and Lifestyle Expo at the Helena Fairgrounds this weekend. Always a wealth of info on new products, services, designs, and industry advancements.

see Helena Events Calendar here: https://downtownhelena.com/events/events-calendar/

Saturday March 29th, through Sunday March 30th, 2014

From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

“Helena’s Largest Home Show and Expo showcasing the latest, the most innovative and most impressive home building products and services. A once a year opportunity.”

Cost:  $3 and 5 and under free.

Contact: Helena Building Industry Association

3180 Dredge Drive, Ste B
Helena, MT 59602



Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall

Real Estate West

10/12/2012 – It’s official, I’ve changed Realty offices and now work with Broker/Owner Jim Steuding at Real Estate West! Jim is a wealth of information on our historical neighborhood at the foot of Mount Ascension.  He has lived and worked from his office up on State Street in Helena’s South Central for many years. His expertise also extends to the rest of Helena, and realistically… the rest of the world.  He has traveled extensively throughout South America and other countries. He is known to escape the U.S. riding his trusty BMW motorcycle and taking gorgeous photographic images of impressive landscapes in Argentina, Turkey and many points in between.  Watch for additional bits from my new adventures with Jim and fellow-Realtor Joe Duncan. We hope you’ll stay tuned to the not so far out “West”…Real Estate West!  To contact Real Estate West: 406-442-6235 or email: steuding@mt.net